SAM® Splint – Rolled (36″)

$29.20 excl. GST ($33.58 incl. GST)

  • Mouldable, flexible aluminium core
  • Re-useable and cleanable with regular cleaning products;
  • Easily cut to size with regular scissors.
  • Radiolucent material to allow medical professionals to take X-Rays and CT scans without removing the splint.
  • Weather resistant to function across the spectrum of temperatures;
  • Lightweight design requiring only tape or wrap to stabilise a joint or injured bone.


Touting unrivaled flexibility, SAM® Splint bends into any simple curve, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive. SAM® Splint is globally acclaimed by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, the U.S. military, and even NASA.

Semper Paratus – Always Ready



Additional information

Weight 0.113 kg


Packed Size

11 x 2.5 x 23cm

Unpackaged Size

91.4 x 10.8cm


SAM® Medical


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