The PracMed NZ Story

Our Values

We Have Uncompromising Service & Delivery

We believe in building relationships, not just treating interactions as transactional.

We are Relentless with our Innovation

We are committed to ensuring our products, training and services are in-line with the latest evidence based technology and processes.

Setting the Market Standard

Kiwis deserve better.
We deliver.

About Us

It all began with a vision of a better way.

After spending nearly 7 years working in hostile environments around the globe, PracMed NZ’s founder, Simon Carkeek, returned home and started working in industry training.  He saw firsthand how poor the quality training was in NZ, and how many organisations treat courses as ‘tick-the-box’ exercises only for compliance. 

He knew that in order to save more New Zealanders from preventable death, Kiwis needed to be given the knowledge and opportunity for engaging, relevant training.  His goal is to ensure there are more competent and confident responders, and less qualified witnesses.

In 2018, PracMed NZ was born.

Executing the Mission

Initially leading the way with the design and manufacture of the Individual First Aid System, PracMed NZ soon realised that very few civilians knew how to use haemorrhage control products that are readily available in the military.  Equipment is worthless without proper training.   So, Stop the Bleed®, PracMed NZ’s revolutionary course was launched. It combined evidence based medicine and real world experience from the sharp end of hostile environment operations into a succinct package suitable and relevant for civilian application, both for the workplace and for individuals.

Students were blown away by the practicality and efficiency of the teaching style which lead to the development of the broader training schedule.  PracMed NZ expanded their product range to match the increased demand, became a Category 1, Ministry of Education approved Private Training Establishment, able to award NZQA unit standards for their courses.

The future is bright for PracMed NZ as it continues its charge against mediocrity, delivering standard setting, life-saving training and products relevant to every single New Zealander.

Ad Salutem – To Save Lives