Crisis Response Training (CRT)


Due to the extreme nature of the risks that defence force personnel are subject to, both on operations and on training, a pragmatic approach towards first aid needs to be observed.
It is critical that every soldier not only carries the right equipment, but is trained in practical, realistic applications to ensure the best outcome.
Our products and training have been handpicked and developed by our Team of experienced operators and former core medics in line with evidence based medicine and Council of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) guidelines


With increasing volatility in the streets, everyday frontline police staff are having to adapt to the new normal of risk.
The training and every-day-carry needs of front-line police staff working in urban environments needs to reflect the risks presented.
Crossing the boundaries from traditional first aid, employing lessons learnt from both domestic and International incidents, as well as adopting Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) equipment and training methods, we have the solution for the New Zealand's police force.


As a professional security provider, typically working alone, you need to depend on yourself to deescalate and solve problems rapidly. Whether you are a private military contractor or a night-club bouncer, we understand the organic risks inherent with your trade.
With the aim to reduce risk to your clients or patrons at the forefront of our minds. we have products from overt to covert, including rapid deployment solutions that will meet your needs. Most importantly, we provide the relevant and practical training that will give you the skills and confidence to win.

Hostile Environment & Active Threat Training (Med. 1)


Our HEAT training is tiered to first responders working in highly kinetic environments where dynamic medical management is required. From active threat to mass casualty, this highly interactive four day training will arm first responders with the knowledge and skills to actively manage volatile situations where security is paramount.

Our Trainers have brought lessons learned from their operational experience across a variety of theaters around the world, both urban and remote, into a succinct training package following the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) principles. Our HEAT lead trainer spent years writing programs for the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center in the United States, as well as State and Local Law Enforcement Training, so is armed with the relevant and practical skills and knowledge of current best practice, both in NZ and around the world. 

This training is highly interactive. After learning the base skills, you’ll be working on professional role-players utilizing our movie-grade moulage (wearable wounds), using realistic blue guns (firearms simulators) to manage threats, bringing a level of realism and intensity to the training not previously seen in NZ.

More details will be available soon – first intake will be in Q2 2023 – numbers are strictly limited.

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