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Training Terms & Conditions

Entry Requirements

English Language Requirement

All courses are conducted and assessed in English, therefore we require all students to have an ability to understand and speak basic English. An inability to pass the assessments in English will result in a ‘not achieved’ result and the student will not receive a certificate of completion or the Unit Standards for this course.

Learning Difficulties, Injuries and Disabilities

Please contact our friendly team prior to the course commencement date if you believe you, or any member of your group, may have any learning difficulties, disabilities, injuries or illnesses which may affect your ability to complete assessments.  We will do our best to accomodate, however in order to achieve the necessary evidence requirements for the assessments, this may not always be possible.

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements for each course are listed in the course information on the course pages. These are in place to ensure assessments are able to be conducted in a safe manner, and that all evidence requirements are met. 

Additional Physical Requirements for Working at Heights (US 23229, 15757)

Working at heights courses are, by nature, high-risk. Students are required to have the physical strength, dexterity, balance, co-ordination and motor skills required to safely demonstrate competence in the unit standards. Due to the load limits specified by the manufacturers instructions on our equipment, students must be under 150kg in order to participate in these courses.

Attendance Requirements

Students need to provide photo identification as part of their enrolment procedure on the date of their course. Acceptable forms of ID include: drivers licence, R18 card or passport. 


In order to receive an ‘achieved’ mark for certification, you will need to have been present for all lessons and satisfactorily completed your assessments. If you are late more than 15 minutes, the Trainer may refuse entry as you will have missed part of the course. If this occurs, you will not be issued a refund, but may be rescheduled to another course at our discretion.

We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

Clothing Requirements

Closed in shoes are required for Health and Safety purposes. Comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in is required.


All assessments are conducted by PracMed NZ Training Solutions Ltd (PracMed NZ) approved Trainers.  Instructions for the assessments are provided in class, detailing the duration, location, right of appeals and requirements to receive an ‘achieved’ grade.

Meals and Breaks

All courses will have a 10-15 minute morning tea break.

Courses that run for three-quarters or a full day will have a 30 minute lunch break.

Full day courses will have a 10-15 minute afternoon tea break. 


Lunch is not provided in our courses. Although most of our public venues are close to cafes, we recommend checking to see how far away or bringing your own food as the course will start promptly after the break. Lateness back from a break may cause a ‘not achieved’ result.

We offer complimentary tea and coffee for you to enjoy throughout the course.

PracMed NZ Course Rules

  • PracMed NZ has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • No smoking
  • Mobile phones may not be used during class time
  • When fair and reasonable, Trainers may ask disruptive participants to leave the course after giving the student a chance to put their views forward. The Trainer may offer the student an opportunity to complete the course with another Trainer at PracMed NZs discretion.
  • Children are not permitted inside the classrooms and we do not provide creche or child minding.

Complaints and Compliments

After the course, you will receive a feedback form to the email address you have provided which allows you to make a confidential complaint or compliment.

Alternatively, if you have a complaint about the Trainer, course, assessment or venue, please discuss it with the Trainer, who may escalate the issue if they cannot come to a satisfactory outcome.

If you do not wish to speak with your Trainer about the complaint, you can write a written complaint to:

PracMed NZ General Manager

PO Box 167

Te Puke,

Bay of Plenty, 3153

or email us at:


If the course you attended was NZQA certified and you are not satisfied with the outcome of the PracMed NZ complaints process, you can progress the complaint to:


New Zealand Qualifications Authority,

PO Box 160

Wellington 6140.

Payments, Changes & Refunds.

  1. Public access courses are payable at the time of registration.  Any student with outstanding fees will not be able to attend the course.
  2. For private courses, invoices will be generated at the time of confirmation with 30 day payment terms, or payment due before the course date (whichever is sooner).  If the number of students is unknown, the minimum will be charged upon confirmation, with the balance charged after the course once exact numbers are known.
  3. PracMed NZ do not offer refunds once the booking has been confirmed and completed.
  4. Cancellations within ten working days (or less) of the intended start date will incur charges to the value of 50% of the course cost.
  5. Cancellations within 24 hours of the intended start date will incur the full course charges, including any travel, venue and/or accommodation expenses incurred by PracMed NZ for the delivery of the cancelled course.
  6. PracMed NZ reserves the right to cancel a course if payment has not been received.
  7. For transfers / changes to public access bookings, students may request to change their booking via contacting  Unlimited changes may be made 10 days or earlier than the course day. For changes for courses within 10 days, one change is allowed with no penalty. All future changes will incur a administration fee.  If PracMed NZ is not notified in writing of a non-attendance prior to the course, it will be deemed a ‘no show’ and no refund or transfer will be accepted.


  1. PracMed NZ reserves the right to cancel courses at our sole discretion.
  2. All reasonable steps will be taken to notify all stakeholders about the cancellation as soon as possible.  
  3. PracMed NZ will not be liable for any costs incurred due to cancellations.  
  4. PracMed NZ will take all reasonable actions to ensure course bookings will be transferred to another date agreeable to the client. 
  5. Courses which do not meet the minimum number of students may be rescheduled to a future day, up to seven days prior to the course id due to commence.
  6. All reasonable steps will be taken to notify all students about the cancellation as soon as possible and will take all reasonable actions to ensure bookings will be transferred to another date agreeable to the student and/or client. Refunds may be provided if the new date is not agreeable with the student. 


PracMed NZ may withdraw any student from a course at any stage if:

  1. They do not meet the course requirements as specified on the course page
  2. Fees have not been paid in full prior to the course commencement date.
  3. The student breaches the terms and conditions or the rules and regulations.

Privacy, data collection and confidentiality

PracMed NZ is required by law to collect and store personal data including (but not limited to) enrolment information and assessment details in line with the Privacy Act and registration requirements.

Any personal stories or anecdotes shared by the Trainer or other students are expected to be treated with confidentiality and respect conducive to a positive, comfortable learning environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the General Manager at

Terms & Conditions

Private On-Site Courses Memorandum of Understanding
  • It is the responsibility of the booking organisation to ensure the training location is suitable and meets all legislative requirements.  Site requirements can be found on the course information pages.
  • PracMed NZ Trainers will conduct a Job Safety Risk Analysis prior to starting the course and if hazards are found, may request for them to be minimised or eliminated prior to commencement.  If the hazards are significant, they may postpone the course at their discretion until the site is made safe.  
  • Any PracMed NZ personnel who is engaged by a client for an on-site undertaking, they must be inducted under the hosting organisations policies and procedures.
Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in this course, students will need to accept and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  • The purpose of collecting personal information is for PracMed NZ to comply with legal and registration requirements and may disclose my information to relevant Government and Independent agencies such as (but not limited to) Inland Revenue, Accident Compensation Corporation, WorkSafe NZ, NZ Police, NZ Qualifications Authority, Ministry of Social Development and the Department of Justice
  • PracMed NZ may be required to provide this information, my photo ID and training records in order to validate the currency of my training.
  • Providing incorrect information to PracMed NZ may result in my enrolment not being processed and/or cancelled.
  • I can request a copy of any information that PracMed NZ holds about me by contacting
  • I must abide by PracMed NZ Rules and Regulations and conduct myself in a professional and safe manner at all times, and that I can request a copy of the PracMed NZ Rules and Regulations from my trainer.
  • I understand that serious breaches of these rules may result in my course enrolment being cancelled and my removal from the course, with no refund issued.
  • Courses will start promptly. Any student who is late by more than 15 minutes will not be allowed entry and will be treated as a no show as per the PracMed NZ Fee Paying Policy.
  • PracMed NZ may send me electronic messages in relation to goods and services that are available.
  • PracMed NZ may utilise material collected during this course, including photographs and/or videos for marketing and future training purposes, my name or personal details will not be used unless a separate agreement has been signed by me.
  • PracMed NZ provide information regarding my course results, attendance, performance and behaviour to my employer and/or the party funding my course if requested.