Readiness Scenarios & Assessments
Be Ready Before it's Real
Readiness Scenarios & Assessments
Be Ready Before it's Real
Readiness Scenarios & Assessments
Be Ready Before it's Real
Readiness Scenarios & Assessments
Be Ready Before it's Real
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Be ready before it's real

What it is

PracMed NZ’s Simulated Readiness Training is a crucial step forward in emergency preparedness, uniquely designed to assess and enhance your team’s first aid skills and emergency responses before facing real crises. This program immerses participants in realistic scenarios that are based on real incidents from your organisation or industry to assess how your team’s respond. 

Scenarios are brought to life by skilled role-players, realistic aids and moulage, offering an experience that’s as close to real as it gets. This immersive training, guided by our expert trainers – veterans and first responders with extensive real-world experience – ensures that your team is never caught off guard in an actual emergency. Following each scenario, teams receive in-depth debriefs and written reports and a scorecard, offering actionable steps for continual improvement.

The Objective


Our goal is to transform your personnel into confident and competent responders, ready to handle emergencies efficiently and effectively. We are proactively looking for potential deficits within system and process of dealing with first aid emergencies. This ranges from point of injury, through to managerial response such as media releases and Worksafe notifications. The objective is to provide recommendations to ensure your team are as prepared as possible for their ‘worst day’.





Who is it for:

 Any organisation looking to test their readiness for medical or traumatic events.


This program is ideal for:

  • Building confidence within teams, that 
  • Beta-testing equipment roll-outs or policy changes
  • Analysing human resource allocation and staff disposition to ensure teams have leaders prepared to act 
  • Minimising skill-fade between regular training
  • Emphasising the relevance of training and how it is applicable in a day-to-day work environment

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