Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT®)


High Fidelity Trauma Trainer

The Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer® (MATT™) is a ruggedized, tetherless, remote-controlled trauma trainer that delivers high-fidelity simulations of lower-body injuries commonly caused by IEDs and other explosive devices.  

Jointly developed by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory Simulation and Training Technology Center (ARL-STTC), MATT employs state-of-the-art special effects materials and technologies to deliver incredibly realistic visual and tactile stimuli with lifelike responses to treatment. State-of-the-art sensor technology provides real-time feedback that takes the guesswork out of trauma simulation training. 


  • Double amputation with multiple tourniquet points that accurately simulate pulse and arterial bleeding 
  • Advanced sensor technology provides trainers/learners with instantaneous feedback of hemostasis, time to occlude bleeding, and volume of blood loss for after-action reporting (AAR) 
  • Amputations require proper tourniquet application of manual pressure to occlude bleeding. 
  • Lifelike leg movement, remote-controlled using practical and durable special effects animatronics technology 
  • Specially formulated synthetic tissue with unparalleled realism and durability providing visual and tactile stimuli. 
  • Instantaneous feedback provided through proprietary remote control (RC) transmitter with an extended operating range 
  • It can be used with human actors 
  • Crepitus to cue for crushed pelvis injury 
  • Scrotal avulsion 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy to clean and maintain after use 
  • Optional interchangeable priapism 


Rugged, durable and reliable.

Each TacMed Simulation® product is designed from the ground up for ruggedness and durability with careful consideration of materials and manufacturing processes to create products that last. They are water resistant and
can be used in nearly any weather condition or environment, and can be transported in any vehicle or aircraft to ensure the most authentic training experience.


TacMed Simulation upper and lower trainers can be combined in any configuration to increase training capabilities.

  • Full-motion legs 
  • Remote controlled 
  • Tetherless (battery operated) 
  • Dual-leg amputation with arterial bleeding 
  • Tourniquet training 
  • Active bleeding and occlusion with treatment 
  • Simulated wounds (shrapnel, lacerations) 
  • Crepitus (to cue for crushed pelvis) 
  • Optional priapism (to cue for spinal injury) 
  • Scrotal avulsion 


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