Manual Vacuum Pump

$330.80 excl. GST ($380.42 incl. GST)

Manual airway suction device for clearing fluid from an obstructed airway.


  • Handheld manual vacuum pump: requires no power or batteries.
  • Optimised accessibility: only unit available to disengage and rotate the handle 360º relative to the patients position.

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The Ferno Manual Vacuum Pump (MVP) is a robust, light, portable high vacuum with a manual vacuum pump used for the clearing of airway obstructions.

This is the only unit available that has the added benefit of being able to disengage and rotate the handle 360˚ relative to the patient’s position, providing accessibility in tight situations.

Additional information


• 300 ml disposable collection jar
• 6 mm and 13 mm disposable suction catheters
• Overflow protection mechanism


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