Hydromax Hydration (Pack 15)

$44.51 incl. GST ($38.70 excl. GST)

  • Single serve, liquid hydration supplement
  • Proprietary blend removes the need for sugar to be the primary vehicle for electrolytes
  • Portable, versatile and sustainable.
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The CardoMax Energy Intensifier is one of the highest-quality liquid hydration supplements on the market.

Including our proprietary hydration blend which eliminates the need for sugar to be the primary vehicle to get your electrolytes into your bloodstream.

Designed for portability, versatility, and sustainability, our liquid supplements are made with the least amount of ingredients possible, using scientifically proven nutrients, that support the optimization of a strong mind and body, enabling you to persevere and ACHIEVE YOUR MAX.

Mix with 600ml water or beverage of your choice.

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Lemon-Lime, Raspberry, Wave Crusher



3 reviews for Hydromax Hydration (Pack 15)

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    After 20ish years of drinking shitty energy drinks and sugar filled “hydration” drinks I’ve finally kicked both for hydromax and the occasional cardomax. Feel 100x better for it

  2. Navare

    Amazing, best Electrolyte on the market. Highly recommend mixing 1 sachet with 1 Litre of water for before exercise and then the same again after. Zero dips in energy, amazing supplement!

  3. Greg turner

    Best product on the market, great for rehydration and to keep you sustained after a heavy work out or hunting trip.
    Put this in your pack or gear bag as this is the stuff.

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