TrueClot® Chest Seal Application Trainer


  • 1 Entry wound model and 1 exit wound model, each with Velcro hook backing
  • 1 Squeeze bottle with tubing for table top training
  • 1 Liquid reservoir
  • 1 hand pump bulb with tubing
  • 1 Velcro loop MOLLE vest for wearable wound training
  • 1 Black plastic storage case
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TrueClot® Chest Seal Application Trainer sets a new standard for simulating realistic chest wounds, ensuring that first responders are better prepared for critical situations.

Realistic Simulation: The TrueClot® Chest Seal Application Trainer is the first-of-its-kind, designed to simulate active bleeding and bubbling consistent with pneumothorax. This unique trainer offers an unparalleled level of realism, providing a hands-on and immersive experience for effective training.

Versatile Training Scenarios: Whether for table-top exercises or live-actor scenarios, this trainer is incredibly versatile. With the flexibility to place entry and exit wounds in multiple locations, it caters to a wide range of training needs. Now, you can elevate your chest seal application training with a device that adapts to your specific requirements.

User-Friendly Design: The TrueClot® Chest Seal Application Trainer comes complete with a 1-liter squeeze bottle for pumping TrueClot Clotting Blood Simulant into the wound. The attached tubing ensures seamless table-top training, allowing for a hands-on experience that mimics real-life scenarios.

 This trainer is compatible with most adhesive chest seals (not included), enhancing its usability and ensuring a comprehensive training experience.

This trainer is compatible with most adhesive chest seals (not included).




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