Olaes Modular Bandage – 4″

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The ultimate multipurpose trauma bandage.  Inside the compact, vacuum sealed and sterile package is:

  • 3 meters of sterile, 4-ply gauze
  • Removable occlusive plastic sheet
  • Elastic Wrap with built-in ‘control strips’ to prevent trauma dressing unraveling
  • Pressure cap which can be used as a rigid eye shield.
  • No hooks, clips or multiple packets.
  • Latex free
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This OLAES® dressing is designed with direct input from some of the most experienced combat medics in the world, no detail has been left out. From the adhesive ‘brakes’ on the elastic bandage that prevent accidental unrolling to the zig-zag-packed gauze that easily feeds from the tactical bandage, this is the most comprehensive feature-packed bandage available without any added confusion.

No other medical dressing bandage offers so much versatility in such a small package. Cover minor wounds, apply truly effective pressure dressings, apply occlusive dressings, and have the ability to pack severe wounds with one OLAES® Modular Trauma Bandage.

During high-stress situations, such as those involving casualties, stress effects on human performance often affect the fine motor skills of individuals. This makes simple tasks such as bandage application more difficult and time-consuming. By creating a pressure bandage where the application involves only gross motor skills, no direction changes around hooks or bars, the OLAES® Modular Bandage significantly offers a simpler and more effective solution in bandage dressing options.

The elastic combat dressing simply requires wrapping where the elastic stays flat instead of turning into a cord. Control of the elastic roll is maintained by the ‘Control Strips’ should the elastic be dropped. You no longer have to open or carry gauze and a bandage separately as both are included in the same package.

The unique pressure cup generates true focused pressure on top of the wound site where it is required, not circumferential pressure like an ineffective tourniquet. The generated focused pressure helps occlude damaged vessels at the wound site where it is needed. It also reduces the amount of manual pressure required to be held, freeing up the care provider to treat other injuries or casualties.

The pressure cup can also be removed and used as a rigid eye shield for the treatment of ocular injuries as recommended in CoTCCC guidelines.

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2 reviews for Olaes Modular Bandage – 4″

  1. Steph (verified owner)

    Had a interesting day yesterday, I managed to lock myself out of the house, so I did what we all have done and climbed in the window. Now here’s where everything gets interesting, one slip and smash, I’m in the house face planting my bed, jumped up with a bit of a laugh checking myself for cuts.
    Couldn’t see anything, until my shorts started turning red, pull up my shorts leg and boom, there it is. This is where the training and kit come in handy. I grabbed my IFAS and got shit squared. I chose an OLAES to wrap the cut.
    What an awesome system for self care, was sorted and secured in under a minute without the hassle of pins tape etc.
    Big thanks to PracMed for the training and kit.
    And to all, get training, stay trained and keep your sh!t in one sock. It could have been a lot worse but I have the confidence to deal with any situations that present themselves.

  2. Zachary O’Connor-Cameron (verified owner)

    A dog we had got his foot run over chasing a dog that was on our property and the pads were removed. I carried him back and my nana forgot where the bandage was so I told her to grab my IFAS I pulled out the bandage and used the gauze to clean it until she got a bucket of water then I wrapped the bandage over the dog’s foot to apply pressure to the wound and took him to the vet.

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