Non-Injured Complete Lower Trainer


Low Fidelity Trauma Trainer

The Non-Injured Complete Lower (NICL) is a lower trainer specifically created to connect with any TacMed Simulation upper torso trainer for simulations not requiring injuries to the lower portion of the body.


  • Anodized aluminum chassis for strength, durability, and all-weather resistance
  • Integrates securely with any TacMed Simulation upper unit
  • High-quality life-like silicone skin covers entire unit
  • Extremely durable for everyday use, and is easily repaired or patched should the unlikely ‘injury’ happen
  • Total weight and overall weight distribution are anatomically correct
  • Joints are totally enclosed in silicone for both realism and durability and allow a natural bend without folding, kinking, or stretching
  • Solid urethane core integrates with steel joints and structural aluminum for added strength
  • Capable of withstanding significant abuse without breaking
  • Multi-step molding and casting process unites and bonds skin with core to minimize seams, and prevent separation and maintenance issues
  • Created from a life cast to ensure maximum realism
  • Built with the same level of quality and attention to detail as featured in all TacMed Simulation products


Rugged, durable and reliable.

Each TacMed Simulation® product is designed from the ground up for ruggedness and durability with careful consideration of materials and manufacturing processes to create products that last. They are water resistant and
can be used in nearly any weather condition or environment, and can be transported in any vehicle or aircraft to ensure the most authentic training experience.


TacMed Simulation upper and lower trainers can be combined in any configuration to increase training capabilities.


TacMed Solutions®


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