Pocket BVM®

PerSys Medical

In an emergency, time is precious and having immediate access to all the right tools and equipment is absolutely essential. The Pocket BVM™ adds to its effectiveness as you have everything you need right where you need it to quickly and safely deliver emergency and clinical resuscitation or offer breathing support to respiratory distressed patients.

The BVM™ is one of the most compact, easy-to-use bag valve mask’s (BVM) available on the market today. It provides ventilation to support patients who are not breathing or who are in respiratory distress. Its unique collapsible design is quick-to-deploy and easy-to-operate. When packaged, the BVM™ is the smallest, fully functional BVM on the market. It is a solid, well-protected emergency kit device that can potentially maximize limited storage space by up to 75%.

BVM™ is simple and has a safe construction, which makes it desirable for use in emergency situations and can replace any standard BVM by maintaining all the standard working factors and functional operation possibilities.

Micro BVM™ silicone resuscitators uses safe and user-friendly materials so the construction helps to ensure easy and fault-free assembly. All connections and materials conform to industry safety standards. The ergonomic, lightweight design of Micro BVM™ is made for optimal end-user handling. The resuscitator has a special textured surface to ensure a comfortable and firm grip, allowing for effective ventilation for extended periods all whilst reducing hand-fatigue.

  • Single use, eliminates cross contamination
  • Requires minimum pressure for compression
  • Quickly recovers Shape
  • Pocket size, easy to store
  • Textured grip to reduce slippage


  • Gas inlet tube 15mm length x 6mm O.D.
  • Patient connector: Outside - 22mm male, Inside - 15mm female
  • Expiratory connector (for PEEP valve attachment): 30mm male
  • Black Bag
  • Mask
  • Patient Valve
  • Reservoir Bag
  • 6' 6" Oxygen Tube


  • Size: 21.7 cm x 12.1 cm (external dimensions), 6.3 cm x 13.4 cm (in case).
  • Weight: 462g
  • Colour: Black case
  • Suitable for use: >40kg
  • Stroke Volume: One hand 800ml, two hands 1400ml
  • Dead Space: <6ml
  • Expiratory Resistance - 3.4cm H20
  • Inspiratory Resistance - 4.5cm H20
  • Delivered O2 Concentrations: (Under various test conditions) 55% (at 2 L/min) to 100% (at 8 L/min)
  • Bag Reservoir Volume - 2600ml
  • Recommended Storage Temperature: -40ºC and + 60ºCaccording to EN ISO 10651-4:2002.