Emergency Bandage® (8")

PerSys Medical

The Trauma / Amputation / Compression Bandage is designed to treat abdominal wounds as well as large wounds, including eviscerations, burns or amputations. It has 12 x 12” sterile bandage pad that aids in the treatment of wounds. The multi-functional bandage also features a stop-n-go release, a sleeve for self-application, and is double vacuum-sealed to ensure integrity and sterility.


  • Multi-functional 8” large area wound bandage
  • Large sterile pad
  • Elasticized wrapping leader for compression and security
  • Closure bar
  • Compact, waterproof, vacuum-sealed, flat packaging
  • 8-year shelf life

Also available in 4" and 6".


  • Size: Full length - (8") 20 x 190cm; Pad - 30 x 30cm
  • Weight: 240g

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