CR2 Essential Semi-Automatic Defibrillator


Responders need the easiest possible AED to instil confidence, the Lifepak CR2 Essential Defibrillator is exactly that, ideal for a minimally trained responder.
  • Layered Design with easy to follow bold graphics - both trained and untrained AED users clearly know how to begin.

  • Quick Step Electrodes - peel directly off the base for faster side by side placement

  • Metronome & CPR Coaching - sets an effective pace and audibly guides users. CPR coaching not only improves overall CPR performance, it also increases hands-on time and reduces the longest pauses in CPR, which has the biggest influence on lifesaving outcomes

  • Child Mode - Seamless child mode with a single button push

  • Clear Voice Technology emits instructions clearly in all noise environments (in 2 languages if required). Detects background noise and adjusts volume for clear instructions.

  • Lifepak Tough - IP55 Rating for challenging environments


  • CR2 Essential AED
  • Two sets of electrodes
  • CHARGE-PAK® battery charger
  • Carrying case
  • AMBU® Res-Cue Mask® kit


  • Weight: 2kg
  • Durability: IP55 rating against dust and water
  • Warranty: 8 Years
  • Shock: Semi-Automatic - market leading 360 joule output