Kiwi Veteran Owned & Operated

Our Team is our Greatest Asset

Our Leaders

Our trainers are highly experienced, passionate and friendly. They are hand-selected because of their real world experience and ability to deliver exceptional first aid training which is relevant, fun and engaging.

The pedigree of our Trainers is second to none. The strict vetting process ensures that only the most experienced and knowledgeable people can join our Team, those with real-world experiences and an ability to connect with students make it into the PracMed NZ family.


Most of our Trainers come from a military background with operational service, where decision making in a high-threat environment under enormous amounts of pressure has developed their understanding of what can make the critical difference within the first moments of an incident transpiring. They are relatable, make the courses interesting and fun and deliver in a light-hearted manner which gets the seriousness of the topic across in an enjoyable way.


Our Trainers recognise their experiences are unique, and that by delivering impactful training, that they can help build more responders and not witnesses.

Simon R

Managing Director

After 15 years of military and private contracting experience, I became involved with industry training. I saw the holes in many of the syllabus’, with a lack of focus on basic life-saving drills, and with many passionate trainers who were teaching, yet lacking real-world experience.

In 2017, I decided to form PracMed NZ and am dedicated to raising the standards via delivery of the highest-quality training through an evidence-based syllabus and Trainers who are not only knowledgeable, but experienced to ensure every student gets the best outcome.

I love nothing more than seeing the increase in confidence of our students, and hearing the life-saving impact our training has had.

Steph D

General Manager

I became involved with PracMed NZ in 2017, after moving from Australia.  I love having a part in growing our values based organisation which is truly dedicated to raising the standards. Working within an industry that has such a meaningful impact on the lives of regular people (life and death!) is what helps fuel my passion for the job.

Simon H

I am a UK ex-pat and have been living in NZ for 13 years. I am an ex-Royal Navy Veteran (Fleet Air Arm) with a passion for hunting and the outdoor life. I have been the recipient of first aid attention on a number of occasions including one or two life-saving incidents. I know, first hand, the importance of effective intervention in the event of injury and enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge to others to help prepare every-day people to be able to make good decisions in the event of a first aid emergency.

Lyn D

I’m Lyn, the keyboard warrior behind the scenes in Admin, coordinating many facets of the learning journey and ensuring synchronicity with the philosophies of PracMed NZ – attention to detail resulting in the delivery of a quality end product.  My entire adult life has pivoted around the medical and health/wellbeing world, with over 30 years experience as a registered nurse.